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Manning, Torrio

Playground/Lunch Supervisor

McDaniel, Mary

John McElhiney

McElhiney, John

Teacher/Bilingual BE

Medina, Susana

Spanish Bilingual IA

Montejo-Thompson, Phillip

Fourth Grade Teacher

Morgan, Samantha

Second Grade Teacher

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Nave, Jennifer

Third Grade Teacher

Nelson, Carlynn

Teacher-Elementary Specialist

Nget, Lauren

School Psychologist

Nguon, Jasmine

Kindergarten Teacher

Nguyen, Duc

ELL - Instructional Support

Peterson, Meredith

Occupational Therapist

Phillips, Jonathan

Youth Services Assistant

Pie, Dominique

Family Support Worker

Price, Lori

Second Grade Teacher

Rinear, Vanessa

PreSchool Assistant

Rios, John

Special Education IA
Christopher Robert

Robert, Christopher



Chris Robert is the librarian at both Roxhill Elementary School (where Chris' two kids went from Pre-K through 5th grade) and neighboring Highland Park Elementary School. Chris began teaching in 1987 and was a classroom teacher (all grades K-5) for 20 years, a Head Teacher for 2 years, and a Literacy Coach for 2 years. Chris is in his 7th year as a Librarian.

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"At the moment we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold, that magical threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better." Barack Obama

Sanchez, Marisela

Elementary Office Assistant

Attendance Secretary/Office Assistant

Stack, Daniel

Third Grade Teacher