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Student Life

Student and Family Handbook

We are excited about what our educational programs, our school, and the variety of activities that we offer can do to support student growth, success, and achievement.  We are here to serve our students, families, and community in preparation for success in middle school, high school, college, career, and life.  This handbook is designed to provide students and families with an entry point to helpful information about how we serve student learning at Highland Park Elementary.  The information represents a snippet of the work we do.  We invite you to partner with us throughout the school year as questions, ideas, or the need arises. 

As we begin this journey, we are excited to learn more about each student and family.  We want to know what your hopes and dreams are for your child.  We are dedicated to discovering the ways that we can partner to make those hopes and dreams a reality for every student.   

As we engage in our daily challenges in this lifelong learning journey, we encourage and expect every student to learn, practice, and study every day.  We want all students to participate, contribute, and make a difference as stewards of our shared community in preparation for success in learning and life.  We also must partner with families and community members to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the students in a full, cohesive, and comprehensive manner.